Wednesday, December 2, 2009

My First {digital} Page!

Okay, I decided to be brave and try a digital page. It took forever. Not because the software wasn't easy to work with- it's actually really fun to work with. I just haven't done much scrapbooking to begin with, and it always seems to take me forever when I am working with photos. I'm always worried about creating something perfect so that the photos really stand out. What I came up with so far is actually a very plain, simple layout, but I may edit it and play around with it some more. What I would like to do is print it out and add some flowers or something to embellish it a little more.
I will say that I really LOVE being able to change the size of the punches, like I did with the curly label punch to frame around Nicole's picture.
I chose to do an 8x8 page, because I like working in the square format but wanted to be able to print it out at home.

I suppose it would have gone faster if I had planned out what I wanted to work on, but really I just opened up the program with the intention of playing around and seeing what I could do. I would have fixed up the photos a little, but I haven't re downloaded GIMP since the computer crashed, and that is the program I have been using to edit my photos.

(click the pic for a better view)

This is my cousin Nicole at her nursing pinning ceremony, along with her husband and her two youngest daughters, Olivia and Sophia. (Sophia is my goddaughter, and she calls me her "fairy godmother". It's so cute!). I have some really great pictures of her sister and her daughter Brittany from the ceremony also, so I guess I will have to do a second page with those photos on it. I'm really anxious to try a blog header, too.

If David remembers to bring the camera home form work tomorrow, I'll have some pics of my club projects to post this week as well.

Thanks for stopping by!

Laura Albertson ♥

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