Saturday, November 28, 2009

Small things can make you smile

I'm so happy. I just made a discovery. Remember I said recently that our computer crashed? Well, we were unable to fix it, but were were really lucky that my best friend Deb was able to retrieve our photos and document files before we erased everything. Just about everything else was lost, though, including all the links in my favorites.
I just got a little bit of happy news when I went to bookmark something a few minutes ago. All of my Google bookmarks are still there! I originally thought they might be, since they are saved online, but then someone told me they probably wouldn't be since they are accessed through my computer and saved that way.

Well anyway- they are still there! The big bummer is that the large majority of my favorites were saved to my computer, not Google. Guess what I'll be using from now on? (not to mention backing up my photos and files from now on. Yep, that is a big Duh, but it seems I usually have to learn the hard way.)

SO... since Debbie was able to rescue all of my photos, I'll have a picture for you tomorrow. I don't have anything recent uploaded yet, so I'll look for something I haven't yet posted. Maybe I'll be brave and attempt a digital scrapbook page!

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Debbie said...

Hi. I'm almost positive i saved your Favorites folder to one of the CDs I gave you.
If I did you could try copying the contents of the Favorites folder from the CD to your user profile on your computer. c:\documents and settings\(your user name)\Favorites.
I'll email you some additional steps you can try if that doesn't work