Friday, May 29, 2009

New Projects for June

Just a quick update- I have the new project buttons for June up. You can find them on the left hand side of my blog. Click the picture of the project you want to see and it will take you to the directions.

I'm going to CKC at the Buffalo Convention Center this afternoon. Sadly, I only have half a day to spend there. All the better for my pocketbook, I suppose. I didn't get to take any classes this year, not even Carrie's book class (sniff, sniff). I really can't complain, I DO get to take a class from Michelle Zindorf in just 3 short weeks with my friend Claudia. I'm so excited, I just can't wait!! I'll probably be making brayered cards all summer long. You can expect to see a class on the Zindorf technique at BSS early this fall, too.

I'll be back later this eveing with an update on the show and some pictures.

Stay tuned!


Friday, May 22, 2009

SU jewelry- this is so cool!

Wow- I can't beleive CKC Buffalo is almost here and I still have tons of pictures from last month to post. Here is something really fun. I was at the SCS gathering last month and when I saw Kelly with her homemade SU! "jewelry" on I just had to introduce myself and take her picture.
Kelly made her earrings, necklace/nametag and bracelet out of SU! cardstock, punches and accessories. What do you think? I thought her creations were SO clever:

Close-up of the bracelet:

Below is a picture of my friends Claudia and Lizz at the gathering, and below that is a close-up of Lizzy's can't-miss nametag!

Sorry I haven't been around much. Some very serious stuff is going on in my life right now concerning my youngest son and it takes precedence over all else. It has taken up huge chunks of my time over the last week + and we are trying to get it all sorted out as best we can. Feel free to say some prayers for us that things will work out and especially for me to have the strength and wisdom to make the best decisions I can for Loren.



Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Fun stuff at Craft Critique

Craft Critique recently posted a couple of fun things. They published a review of the glue glider pro, which I have been using for a few months & really like. They left out a bit of information, however, so if you scroll down to about the 7th comment, you will see where I added a little info to help them out.
The other thing that I thought was so cool was a post about this not-for-profit organization: Chicago Lost and Found. If you are into altered arts at all, you must check it out. I think the whole thing is very cool. Make sure you check out the gallery.

Now, I have to add- I almost never remember to go to Craft Critique, even though they post lots of useful info. Who has time to check out everything all the time? Not me, that's for sure. Even if I sign up for the feeds or e-mail updates, it gets overwhelming with all the cool blogs out there. So I was really happy when I found them on Twitter. They post on twitter when they update their blog, and if it sounds interesting, I go check it out.

I'm really likin' the twitter thing, even if I am still a novice ;)

Friday, May 8, 2009

SU only swap cards

Yep, these are still from the splitcoast gathering. At least it provided me with something interesting to post on my blog since I have been too busy the last 2 weeks to stamp anything myself. Welll, that's not entirely true- I have been stamping samples for my BSS classes, but I can't post those until after the classes run anyway.

So- in the meantime I am thankful I have these samples to show you. I've been so sleep deprived I couldn't stamp anything decent right now if I had to!
The first was created by my best friend & new downline Debbie Trouse. I absolutely love it:

I will have to edit to add the creators of the next 2 later- but I think they are both fabulous. The B&W one does have a teal metallic dew drop, so it's like 99% SU!, but I love that little splash of color. (Metallic Dew Drops are awesome- maybe we can get SU! to carry them?)

This last one would be perfect for the current LNS circle challenge! Maybe I can CASE it. I don't have this set but plenty of others would work for this layout.

Off to get some well-deserved rest. Thanks for stopping by!

Laura Albertson

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

White Gel Pen Tip

I just stumbled on an idea for how to repair white gel pens at Captain Crafter's Blog.

I haven't tried it yet, so I can't say how well it works, but it looks cool so i thought I'd share.

Other tips I have heard that work fairly well-
1.take the pen apart and blow hard into the barrel of the ink insert like it is a straw. I have tried this one & it works but sometimes it only works temporarily.

2. Shake the pen hard as if it were a Mercury thermometer- use a snapping motion with the tip pointed down. I have tried this one also and it too seems to work temporarily, but not all the time. I guess it depends on how old the pen is or how long it has been since it was last used.

To me, it seems the best thing to do is avoid the pen clogging up altogether, and the best way to avoid that is to use it regularly :)

That's it for now- I have some more pictures to post later tonight when I have more time!



Tuesday, May 5, 2009

A couple more Recipe Swap pages

Finally! All the craziness and fun of Loren's first Communion is over. I was so busy the last few days with making his banner, doing the retreat with him, shopping with him for a suit and getting ready for the ceremony and party Sunday. In between all that I took the most amazing altered bird class from Wendy Vecchi who came to BSS as a guest artist. it was amazing. I'll try to get those photos uploaded as well.

For now, here are just a few more recipes (click the pics for a better view):

Chocolate Pumpkin Muffins stamped by Caroly Weichenthal. This one is 100% Stampin' Up! materials and stamped images- plus it's a quick & easy sample to make for your sample boards. (The recipe sounds quick & easy, too- yum!)

This one was created by Kristie Gross (SCS-KLGross). Isn't that stamp hysterical?

This next one was created by Sandy Wingate (SCS-pachyderm23) It's not 100% SU! but easily could be. i love how she used the "Favorite" stamp.

And how about this adorable name tag?

I really need to come up with something cute for next year. I always leave the name tag 'til the last minute. Wait til you see the one that my friend Lizz did - it was so "her". I'll post it tomorrow, along with lots more recipes and some card pics from the SU! only swap.

See you then!

Laura Albertson