Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Stamping Green

Today I came across this great post by Penny Peterson. I thought it was very interesting & informative, so I decided to share it here.
I wonder if there is anywhere around here that we could donate our scrap rubber to? I'll have to look into it-it's a really great idea.
This reminded me of the playground that Patty posted last year at the Stampin' Up! manufacturing facility in Kanab, UT when she went to Founder's Circle last year. I thought that was so cool. (You have to scroll down a few pics to see the playground).

Hopefully I'll be back to post again later today with some pictures. Poor Loren is home sick with either the flu or food poisoning. Not sure which, but it's nasty. The poor kid is sooo sick.



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elaine said...

I couldn't open the picture of the playground. I've been looking for it but couldn't remember where I had seen it posted before. I wonder how long it would take to save up that much rubber!