Monday, March 30, 2009

Sizzix Sizzlets tip

A discussion came up recently on sudsol about some people having trouble with sizzlets cutting all the way through. Specifically, we were talking about the little leaves die, but this would apply to any of the more intricate dies such as the swirls scribbles, snowflakes, etc.
I posted to the list that I was having the same trouble with my little leaves die. Not all the time, but often enough that I decided to do something about it. Now mind you, we are not talking about a defective die. It's more of a shimming problem. To correct the problem, I taped a piece of card stock the same size as the die (about 2" x 2.5") to the back of the die so that I don't always have to look for a shim, it's semi-permanently attached to the back of the die. It will easily come off if I need to remove it, but in the meantime I don't have to worry anymore if my leaves will cut all the way through.
That's it! Very simple tip, I know, but I figured I'd share in case anyone else was having trouble with their die and hadn't thought of it yet. I've sold a lot of this beautiful die & want to make sure everyone is able to use it easily and doesn't become frustrated with the leaves sticking or not cutting all the way through.

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