Monday, March 30, 2009

Cool Artsy Brad Storage

OMG- I love this idea! I was browsing Allison's Blog when I cam across THIS totally awesome brad storage idea. It knocked my socks off, so I just had to share.

Then, I read the post and wound up at Big Picture Scrapbooking. I absolutely loved their color inspiration archives, so I permanently linked it in my sidebar under Color Inspiration. Make sure you check out Kris's Color Stripes, too if you haven't already. Or even just if you haven't in a while. So much inspiration there!

Wow- looky me with the 3 posts in one day. I accomplish so much more when I am well!

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Have a good one!



KAGS Herself said...

Thanks Laura! I LOVE my new brad storage - I took it to a crop the other week and loved plucking brads from it - so handy.

KAGS Herself said...

and I meant to say...I do LOTS of classes at BPS and have loved all of them.
The brad idea was from the class gallery for Organised & Inspired Scrapbboker with Wendy Smedley. The girl who posted it says she actually got the idea from an old issue of Creating Keepsakes.
So none of us can take the claim to fame for it!!
If you make one - let me know!


Self storage in Rothwell said...

After calling around one other place (at least 30% more expensive for same/comparable size unit), I found this storage place and the reviews were awesome.