Friday, February 20, 2009

Keeping Busy

Miss me? I just realized how long it's been since I posted!! Last week I was busy with classes & Valentines- busier than I thought I'd be! And this week the kids have been off, so I've been spending time with them. It's a bummer that the snow all melted just before their week off- we had planned to go sledding & ice skating during the vacation. I can say I didn't mind the break in the weather one bit, though.
Want to see what I made for the kids Valentine's this year? I didn't get to post them earlier because of technical difficulties, but they are cute, so I'll still share them with you:

You can click the pic to see the detail better. Ignore my bad cutting job- I knew I was cutting for kids & just needed to get them done-lol. Cards use SU! Just Jawing set + Bold Brights ink & cs. Shimmery black paper & Stickles are non- SU!

These were inspired by a sweetheart box valentine designed by Susan Wright. I originally was going to use her idea and do the sweetheart boxes, but it was getting close to Valentine's day & I had forgotten to pick up the sweetheart boxes, so I just said the heck with it and decided to make regular Valentines & send in suckers instead.

That decision was aided by the fact that it was also diversity week, and I had promised to send in Chrusciki to Luke's class to represent our Polish background (was going to send Pierogi but decided that would be too much work)- and they also needed ingredients to make salsa, so I had to send in food for that as well.

Unfortunately, since I decided to cut out the skulls so I could mount them to colored paper AND decided to put stickles in the eyes (just happened to have colors to match my SU! card stock), it still took FOREVER to make 40 of these puppies.
Dave said I was going overboard & spending way too much time on them, but when Loren came home and said that everyone loved his Valentine, it was worth it. Especially when he told me one little girl said it was "her most favorite valentine she ever got".

David sure didn't complain about the time I put into his Valentine this year. He loved it. I call it the heavy metal Valentine. Wanna see??

Click the pic to see the detail in the faux metal embossed piece. Looks like punched tin, doesn't it? I had the idea to do this as soon as I saw this set inthe SAB book. Since then I've seen it done a few times, so the idea to layer it to the scallop punched square came from other's I've seen. I did mine a little different though, and also added the brads. Any time you can add metal to a guy card, it's a good thing (lol).

It uses the new Taste of Textiles specialty papers from Stampin' Up! Specifically, the coated white pin stripe & black linen texture.
Also used:
SAB set Polka Dot Punches
Silver embossing powder
scallop edge punch
silver brads
Riding Hood Red card stock

I'll have more tomorrow for you so you can see what else I've been up to.

Thanks for stopping by!

Laura Albertson

ps. my spellchecker is telling me I spelled "pierogi" wrong, but I didn't. Wikipedia even agrees with me ;) Who spells it pirogi???

anyway-- have a great day!


Susan Wright said...

These turn out great. I am so glad you made them. Thanks for the shout out ;)Sue

Tammy H. said...

Love the faux metal dots heart! That is so cool. And the valentines for your child are very unique!