Thursday, January 8, 2009

The Singing & Dancing Cat

Okay, so this a NSR post, which I know is horrifying considering all the new catalog info. flying around right now, but it was too funny not to post.

Overheard from the kids room:

(cat crying): meow...meeeow....rrrrroooowwww...meeeeoooowwww

Me calling in from the living room: Hey!! what are you doing to that cat!?

8yr old Loren: Nothing!! He's singing!

Me: No, he's not! He's crying...leave him alone!

Loren: No mommy, he's singing! Really. He started singing when I was teaching him how to dance.


Okay we now return this blog to it's regular stamping program already in progress....

P.S. For those of you non-stamping addicts who occasionally read my blog for it's content other than stamping, NSR= Non Stamping Related!

Back with more new catty info in a bit!

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