Friday, January 9, 2009

More New Catalog Info.

More links to Catalog spoilers and cool pics from Leadership.
Do not look if you don't want to know. Me, I can't get enough, and quite literally don't even have time.
I usually don't post links without checking them out first, but I only got to the second one on this list. So far, I am giddy. I love everything. I want everything. And the excitement of the Leadership attendees just shines right through.
Really makes me wish I was there- I so hope I can go to the Reginal Seminar in Canada this March. (closest one to me).

Anyway, without further ado:

Where the Rubber Hits the Road
Understand Blue
Dina Anker's Photos
Stampin by the sea

(these are not all hyperlinked to specific posts- some have so much info on multiple posts that I just linked to the homepages. The most recent posts for jan08 are what you want, anyway.)

I'm sure all the links have cool stuff. I'll have to wait til tomorrow to find out. It is late. I am tired. My poor boy was up sick again until 1am, and I'm still working on my class samples for BSS.

Oh one last thing- I was reading the blog update at Understand Blue (above) and read this, which I just loved:
"There are two things that will serve you well in your life and your business - enthusiasm and sacrifice. Be enthusiastic about everything you do, and recognize you will have to sacrifice things for love."

If you want to hear more you'll have to check out her blog. Really funny & interesting reading, plus great pics of new stuff!

Check back soon-


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