Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Pretty Tags & Tippy Cat

Check back later today to see what I am making with these pretty tags:

And just for fun, I thought I'd introduce you to Tippy the cat. He may have made an appearance on this blog in the past- (can't remember right now)- but this is definately his first appearance as Santa. We rescued a pregnant stray a couple of years ago, and Tippy was one of Sissy's babies. However, the papa cat was HUGE, and so is Tippy! He weighs in at 18 lbs, but he's not overweight, according to the vet. He is just one huge, strong, muscular cat. His head is about 3 x's the size of Pinky's. (Pinky will make her debut here soon!).

Anyway- Merry Christmas from me & Tippy!

Don't foget to check back for those tag creations ;)

1 comment:

dave said...

Awwww what a cutie.