Saturday, December 13, 2008

Pinecone Ball Ornaments

Well, I'm back. I've been too busy in the mornings to post, and too tired in the evenings. The good news is, though, that not only have I been busy cleaning like a mad woman & running kids around, I've also been busy creating, so I will have lots of good stuff to share all week long.
I'm addicted to making these pinecone ball ornamnents. I just think they are so pretty, and I have a lot of fun picking out papers that I think will work well.
Here are some I have finished up from last year:

Click here for a tutorial.
Here's another I did last year but never posted. Sorry it's a little blurry:

I used the retired Cerise paper from Stampin Up! I really loved that paper- I was so sad to see it retire. I have a whole pack left, but now I'm always afraid to use it because then it will be ALL GONE! lol. Isn't that silly? Especially when there are so many, many beautiful papers. ( I should know, I have a HUGE stash of them ;)
I will note that although I absolutely love SU! papers, there are some others on the market that are easier to use for this project. Double sided is nice, because then you have coordinating solid or pattern to overlap with your first pattern, but lightweight papers are much easier to fold crisply and precisely. I am working on one now that uses Chatterbox scrapbook walls paper. The Chatterbox paper is perfect because it is light weight, double sided, and folds beautifully. They also have a lot of papers that have smaller patterns, which work well for these ornamnets.
Another company that makes this weight paper is Daisy Bucket.

I have a couple more I have done with current SU! dsp, and when I finish the chatterbox ornament, I will post them all together.
However, I do have lots of other good stuff to post in the meantime, as promised, so keep an eye out!

Take care!

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