Monday, December 22, 2008

Lucas update

Well, this morning went great, once we actually got to the hospital. The drive in was terrible! Our truck that has 4 wheel drive decided not to start this week-end, so I had to take the car with the bad tire that is aweful in the snow. The 33 and the 198 were a mess, and Delaware Ave going in to the hospital was actually worse. Thankfully we made it there & back just fine.
So many people had cancelled due to the weather conditions that the doctors were practically dying for something to do when we got there. It went really quick. The doctor was really nice (and totally hot! -he could give McDreamy & McSteamy both a run for their money-LOL).
Lucas did awesome. He was done with the procedure & awake from anesthesia within a half hour of going into the room. He was SO sick this morning, he looked just aweful. I asked the doctor if the anesthesia would take away any of his pain, and he said no, it shouldn't make him any better or any worse than before the procedure. Well, happily, he was dead wrong. Lucas went into that room crying in pain and looking terrible, poor baby, but when he woke up, he was like a whole new person!
It was amazing. He was smiling, no pain what-so-ever, and he looked well rested and happy. He was chatting and going on & on about the anesthesia- he said after the doctor put the mask on everyone turned into cartoon characters and then the room started spinning. (lmao!)
I asked him how he felt and he said good! It was really incredible. Sick as a dog one minute, bags under his eyes, face all pale & grayish looking and crying in pain, and 1/2 hour later he was all pink & rosy, smiling and feeling fine.
So far he is still feeling well, so I am crossing my fingers he can make it in to school tomorrow!

Keep praying- it must be working!


Love, Laura

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Anonymous said...

what wonderful news about Lucas... will keep on praying... which is one of the strongest medicines around I thing... Merry Christmas to you & yours....