Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Christmas photos

It was hard to get a good shot of the kids because they kept goofing around. Even though this one is blurry, it was the best one of the morning:

This is Pinky playing Santa (the boys dressed her up in their build-a-bear's Santa outfit- she wasn't too thrilled about it!)

And this is Sissy (the mamma cat) on Christmas Eve, all snuggled in among the prsents:

Last but not least here is a little preview of something I am working on, half finished. You are looking at the individual flowers of an origami project that I'm pretty excited about. Hopefully I'll get it done by tomorrow and I can post the finished project along with a link to instructions.

That's it for now!

have a safe & happy New Year's Eve everybody!

Lots of love,


ETAJuly 24, 2009: this is one of those projects that got set aside, but I'll work at them this week at the cottage & hopefully post the following week!

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Anonymous said...

Your boys are cute and I loved the kitty in the Santa jacket and mama under the tree.... And I have to wait until tomorrow to see the clever idea....ok, I'll wait... lol... Happy New Years to you and yours....