Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas Eve in the ER

Well, just a little post to say Merry Christmas to everyone. I hope you all have a very blessed & joyous Christmas.

I can't type too fast because I did something **really** stupid last night. I stapled a 1/2" long staple gun staple right through the middle finger of my left hand! Oh I so wish I had thought to have Dave grab the camera on the way out the door to the hospital- you just wouldn't believe it. The staple went right through my finger one side of the bone, and the other prong of the staple hit the bone & buckled, but it went in so hard that it was tightly embedded in my finger- skin was bulging out on either side of the staple! OwwwwwCH!

So anyway, Dave was going to pull it out with pliers, but when he felt that the prong was poking out the backside of my finger, he thought we should go to the ER in case it needed x-rays, which they did. That was about all they did though, AFTER the doctor pulled it out with a pliers, just like David was going to do. I've had a couple of people tell me they could have come by & pulled it out for me. My friend Mark called it "the $1000 staple".

Funny thing was, it didn't hurt *too* bad or even bleed until it was yanked out- then it was instant blinding pain, which thankfully subsided to just 7 or 8 on the pain scale after a few minutes. After that it just throbbed all night, and it never really bled at all. I have two prong marks on my middle finger & it's all swollen & sore, but that's about it. Looks like a vampire bit me-lol.

I know you are all wondering how the heck did I even do it, but that's a whole 'nother story!

Enjoy your holiday!

With love from Laura & family

ps. got a great shot of Sissy snuggled in among all the presents under the tree- will share tomorrow!

Pss. Can't believe I am posting this but thought you might get a kick out of it. I found this polaroid which I scanned into my computer. It is me on Christmas when I was about 11 or 12. Go ahead- laugh, I did ;)

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