Wednesday, November 19, 2008

C&C card and Lucas update

I managed to squeeze in time for a chat & challenge- must've been like two weeks ago already, just no time to blog. I was lucky I had the time for the C&C. Actually, I just stole some time to myself even though I didn't have it to spare- I really needed it.

I'm still running back and forth to different doctors and the hospital for Lucas. We still don't know anything. We saw the only other pediatric urologist in the area, Dr. Williot. He is Doctor Greenfield's partner, and the two are like night and day. Man, what a difference! We loved Dr. Williot. He was awesome, but couldn't really tell us anything new. Monday we saw Anita at Dr. Bakers office, and she is sending him for an endoscopy. I'm waiting for Children's Hospital to call and set it up. Hopefully this will tell us something.

We've also been to the surgeon and had another sonogram on the liver to determine if anything had changed with the spot they found. That is looking good so far. No change in the spot. It hasn't shrunk or gone away, but hasn't grown or changed either, so they've decided to call it an incidental finding.

Luke managed to make it in to school 2 days last week, would have made 3 but of course, one of the days he felt well was Veteran's Day. This week he has been home all week, but was able to make it in for the state social studies testing, which was a good thing. We're very lucky he is such a bright kid, otherwise he would really be falling behind right now.

So that's about it. I hope to start blogging again more, I do have stuff to show, just no time to share it.

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Linda McClain said...

Your card is adorable. Thanks for posting it. Here's hoping the best for little Lucas.