Friday, August 15, 2008


I'm home, and I'm (FINALLY) back to blogging. Unfortunately, it won't last long, because I'll be gone all next week. My trip to Utah was excellent, but exhausting. I came home with a sinus infection due to sleeping near the air-conditioner, so I've been battling that. Plus, my internet access was interrupted twice the first week I was home, and by the time I figured I could do a little blogging, I wasn't sure what to start with.

All the fun SU! convention info. had been posted all over the 'net already (we're carrying the Big Shot, with exclusive dies-YEA!!), and I didn't want to post old news. However, in case you missed it, here's a really fun thing that happened the last day of convention. Dannie blogged it perfectly, so I'll let you check it out here.

I'm also starting to get my photos edited, so I'll post a few fun pictures in the morning.

Oh- and just in case you didn't hear it all already, I'll be sure to include some info. as I go along. Like, for instance, did you hear that Shelli started a blog? it's called soshelli.

Check back for those photos later- I have tons to share.

Thanks for sticking with me!