Saturday, July 12, 2008

Barn Stars

A big thanks to my friend Deb for sending me these pics. Now at least I have something new for you all to look at. These are stars that Deb is selling at a craft fair this week-end in West Seneca:

Deb, these are fantastic!! Love them- thanks for sharing the photos.




Anonymous said...

Love your stars!! Looks like alot of work

Anonymous said...

The stars are beautiful!
I love the way you used coordinating papers to make them. They have a country quilt kind of flavor, and are elegant at the same time. Awesome! Thanks for sharing them.
-Deb Ansuini
Geneva, NY

Phyllis said...

They are lovely. I love the coordinating designer papers.

Annie said...

Love your stars. They really have a country look - good for any time of year. Thanks for giving me another use for retired DSP

Jane said...

Beautiful work.

Laura P. said...

Wow, how pretty are those?! The stars do look like 3D quilts! Thank you for sharing the photos!

Connie said...

These look great! Please tell us how the sale went!

MJ said...

Wonderfully done! The color choices are super. Every single one has such a different look and feel. I may have to try this myself. TFS.

Amy said...

These are great! I might have to try these for a craft show myself. You'll have to let us know if they sell well. Did you get a good deal on the stars?

Sue Ann said...

They are wonderful. I'm not sure I know what a barn star is. Haven't seen any on a real barn. Are these wood and then covered with designer series paper? If you had to cover each arm with two designer pieces of paper that was alot of work! Can't image how much trouble it was to be sure all the seam met up and the corners stuck...hope Deb are charging enough for her time and effort.
Sue Ann

rylthng said...

OMG Those are beautiful. I have made these before with one paper, so please share how you used different papers and I also noticed on the last picture the light switch next to the star. These stars are humungus! I never made them so big. The pictures are deceiving.

Karen Fontinelle said...

I really like those!! I'm doing a craft show in the fall and will have to remember this idea....not to mention making one for myself! Karen

Maggi said...

way cool...........I've got to get my papers out again and try this!

Anonymous said...

These are gorgeous! I would defintely buy one.

Anonymous said...

These are great. They look like a lot of work.

Great job!!!!

StampingJoan said...

Love these! Will have to try them!

And I am tagging you. Details will be on my blog once I finish tagging others!


Anonymous said...

Hi. It's Debbie. Thanks for all the comments about the stars. It's nice to know so many people liked them. The show didn't go well. I sold one star to the women I shared the booth with but that's they way craft shows are, you never know if your going to sell anything. The show was fun anyway.
To answer a couple of questions:
1. I purchased the stars from AC moore, they are 24" barn stars (metal stars). They run about $17.00 - less with a coupon.
2. I created a template of one half of one point, out of card board. I traced the pattern paper (on the back) and cut it out. Placing it for fit and to recut before modge podging it down.
3. I mode podged all of the paper on and let it dry. Then gave it a coat of modge podge and let that dry. I took a new razor blade and trimmed any excess paper hanging over the edges. If the razors not new it can tear the paper. So keep a supply on hand
4. I glued a star brad or 6 prong star if you can find it. The star has to be dimentsional to fit nicely. I cut off the prongs or the metal for the brad. I had a hard time finding these.
5. Some stars came with wire to hang through one of the points. so I removed that and put ribbon. Some came with a hanger on the back of the star, so on those I didn't have to do anything.
I'm glad you liked them.
Good luck making your own.