Wednesday, July 9, 2008

4th of July card

I had hoped to get this posted last Friday, on the 4th, but we were running late for the parade. Then a bunch of crazy stuff happened at our 4th of July party (what's new!-more on that in a bit). We were gone all week-end, and the last 2 days I had unexpected company, so here it is 5 days late:

If you frequent BSS you may have seen this one already- it is a card I made using the gamsol technique for a Paula Best class a couple of summers ago. It actually looks better in person- the dang scanner picks up all the imperfections that are not noticable to the naked eye!
I love this stamp image, since you can use it for any occasion. I have another one of her images that is similar in style- they are a lot of fun.

So- what happened on the 4th this year? The first thing was when I got wacked full force in the neck with a baseball bat. It was an accident, of course, but it took my breath away and scared the heck out of me. It's still swollen on the inside, but fortunately there wasn't any major damage.
I was just recovering from that when my brother's friends showed up and told me to call the paramedics since they thought Jay was having another heart attack! SO we had to call an ambulance and off they went to the hospital. Thank God, it was not another heart attack, but he does have a myocardial infection. Not good.
All this happened just before dusk. After the ambulance left, my other 2 brothers began setting off all the fireworks they had purchased out of state. Every year we have a big party on the 4th and do off fireworks, and no one has ever called the cops. This year, they showed up not once, but twice! I thought for sure Nick was going to get arrested the second time, but he lucked out. The cop was none too happy, though!
Our family rarely makes it through a holiday without at least a little drama and we weren't disappointed this time, either.
I'm still having attacks of stomach pain and my son is doing about the same, but we are hanging in there. I hope everyone enjoyed their holiday. I'll be back tomorrow with some new stuff.

Thanks for dropping by!

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