Monday, June 16, 2008

Giant Hailstones!

OMG! It just started raining down giant hailstones outside-tons of them. I kid you not. We've had freak hailstorms in the summer before, but these puppies were huge- and to top it off, it hailed a lot longer than I am used to. It is mostly rain now, but the hail lasted for quite a while. After the giant hailstones, it rained smaller ones until the lawn looked like it was covered in snow. The kids ran out before I could stop them, and Loren came back crying because two of those big hailstones had hit him on the head. I tried to warn him!

After that, Lucas got his baseball mitt out and was sticking his hand out past the porch railing trying to catch some. It was crazy!

The hailstones were starting to get smaller by the time I found the camera, but I did managae to get a few pics. I took a little video of it, too. I'm going to see if Dave can help me put it on my blog.

Now it is pouring buckets out- really coming down, and the sun is still shining.

What a crazy weather day!

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I like the fresh clean feel of your blog and have added you to my sidebar.