Friday, May 2, 2008

Busy Week

I've been too busy to post lately, but I have tons of stuff to share- I'll be posting something new every day for a while- I have so many pictures to post from the SCS gathering last week-end.
First, here is one of the reasons I've been too busy to post- my son has had a bunch of projects due simultaneously. Poor Loren- he's an A student, but he absolutely hates to write. Hates it. He can come up with whole reports or whole stories on his own, but ask him to write them down, and you're in for hours of crying, whining, excuses, etc. It's very exhausting! Math- he is a wiz at. Almost genius. He had a savant moment in a parking lot last year- saw a bunch of cigarette butts someone had dumped out from their ashtray, literally glanced down and says, hey mommy, there's 16 cigarette butts, look. I had to go count, couldn't believe it. It was like Rainman with the
Anyway, this is a poster we worked on for his Star week at school, in addition to the reports. Pictures of Loren were taken at Como Park last month. Family pictures are from last month as well- that terrible Easter pic of me with the kids was the only recent one I had with me in it.
If you click the picture, you can see individual pictures on the poster better.

The grey cat is Sissy, she's the mamma of all of the other cats. (YES, she is spayed now! She was pregnant when we took her in- didn't get her fixed fast enough, and wound up with a second litter!)

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