Sunday, May 25, 2008

Very cool, religious video

You may have seen this already, but I thought it was awesome and worth posting. It's only about 5 min. long.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Some Card Swap Cards

Just some card swap cards to look at. Mine and Mom's were from the SU! only swap, Deb and Claudia were in the NVR (No Vendor Restrictions) swap.
Once again, the lighting was bad, and I was in the rush so the pics are not the best. You can click for a (much-sorry!) larger view if you want to see details.





Some more from the NVR swap:

Tomorrow- I actually get a break to get caught up on stuff, so hopefully I can take pictures of the some of the newer things I've been working on.

The CK convention is coming to Buffalo next week- I'm so excited. I'm taking an awesome book class with Cari from Prima Thursday night- I can't wait to show you this project once I get it done with pictures and everything; it is really a beautiful book. Maybe I will even get some pictures into the book I made in the class with Cari last year when CK came-LOL!

Take care- everyone have a safe holiday week-end!



Wednesday, May 21, 2008

C&C 117 Baroque Happiness

I know, I know. I have been so busy, and just dealing with personal stuff that I never did post those swap cards.

For now, here is another C&C card. It uses Baroque Motifs, Afternoon Tea DSP, pretties Kit, and the colors of paper and ink are Basic Gray and Soft Sky. All Supplies listed are SU!

The Happiness Always sentiment is from the retired SAB set Happy Harmony.

Hope you like it!


Monday, May 12, 2008

Coluzzle Cutting System Tips


Today, Kristina posted part 1 of 3 of a video Q & A on her blog here. It's very cool-go check it out.
One of the questions was about the Coluzzle Cutting System. I posted a couple of additional tips in the comments section to Kristina, but as I was writing, I realized there was actually a lot more info. to share about the Coluzzle. Since I've taught several Coluzzle classes at Buffalo Stamps and Stuff, I've picked up tips and techniques along the way.
I encourage you to watch Kristina's video, as I won't be repeating info. that she shared, with one exception:

Kristina did mention that you have to use the Coluzzle cutting mat with the template and knife. I just want to re-iterate this, as it is imperative that you use a coluzzle cutting mat with this system. Your regular cutting mat will not work. i have had people tell me that they threw the mat away when they opened the package because it looks like packaging material. It does. it is just a thick foam mat, but that is what you need to use with this system.

Here are a few other tips that either expand on what Kristina said or that she didn't mention:

The Coluzzle Cutting system is a circle cutting system, but it is not limited to circles. the beauty of the Coluzzle system is that the nested templates cut down on so much cost and storage space. The nested templates are compact, lightweight, and inexpensive. The templates are available in a wide variety of shapes and Alphabets. They are very versatile. Stampin Up! offers the templates in the nested circle and oval shapes, which really encompass quite a bit of your needs as a card maker. However, there are envelope templates, alphabets, flowers, file folders, specialty cards templates and many others that are a much more affordable option to die cuts.

Here are some tips you need to know when using the coluzzle cutting system:

TIP 1. **It is very important to make sure you are holding the coluzzle knife straight up and down the entire time while cutting.**

It is one of the biggest mistakes that people make, and it can mean the difference between frustration and success while cutting with the coluzzle.

I usually tell people to make sure hold the knife straight up and down, and not at an angle as you would an exacto knife, then just glide the knife around the track. Let the knife do the cutting and the turning for you. Don't worry about trying to turn around rounded corners. If you are holding the knife straight up and down and gently gliding around the track, it should do the turning for you.

**if the corners on the template you are using are not rounded, but rather are right angle corners, then you will need to lift your knife out of the track and re-insert it into the next channel.

Template with rounded corners:

Template with right angle corners:

Tip 2. **make sure you are using a sharp blade, and that it is not nicked or broken at the tip**

I have had customers bring cutting knives with broken tips to class and ask why they are having trouble cutting. If the blade is broken, nicked, or dull, it will either tear up your card stock or your template, and you will wind up frustrated and discouraged.

Tip 3. **Always make sure that you start with the point of the knife tip inserted in the track pointing away from the direction you are cutting. That is, make sure the blade side of the knife is being drawn along the paper as you cut, and that you are not trying to push the dull edge of the knife through the paper.

Tip 4. **Make sure you have peeled off all of the protective coating from both sides of your brand new template before you begin cutting. This is a common mistake that many people make. Sometimes people don't realize that the coating is on there and needs to be peeled off. Other times, they only peel it off from one side. Either way, if it is not peeled off, it can interfere with a successful smooth cut when using the template.

How can you tell if the protective coating has been fully removed? Simple. Look at the template. If it looks hazy or cloudy or has a "frosted" look to it, then the coating needs to be peeled away. Once it is all off, your template should be crystal clear.

Lastly- some people with mark the tracks on their nested templates so it is easy to see what track you are using, or remember what track you used on a particular project for next time. There are several ways to do it. A couple that I have seen:

•use a sharpie marker to number the tracks from inside to outside.
•use different colored sharpie markers to trace around each track to color code them.

This will not affect the cutting system at all, and should not leave any marks on your paper. I usually mark on the top of my template and make sure the top side is up when cutting anyway. if you want to change the marks, 91% alcohol or stazon cleaner will take the sharpie right off.

Hopefully this info. will be of help to someone.

I think I will try to post some pictures as well, to help clarify a couple of things I was trying to explain.

Have fun with your coluzzle!


Sunday, May 11, 2008

A few more swap pictures

Here's just a few more swap pictures from the SCS event for you to check out. These are from the 3-d swaps, which I did not participate in:

Thanks for stopping by- tomorrow I'll post some of the card fronts from the swap.


Happy Mother's Day

I went to a Mother's Day Tea at School on Friday. It was hosted by my son Loren's 2nd grade class. Each child had written a poem for their mother, and they read them aloud during the tea.

Here's Loren's:

Loren looked up when he got to the letter S and read it nice and loud to the whole room full of moms with a big grin on his face.
That's my boy! LOL.

Lucas knows his mom pretty well, too. He gave me a rubicoil-bound book. On the cover it says, Happy Mother's Day from A to Z Love, Lucas
This is the page for the letter S:

For the letter Q he put:
Queen. My mom is the Queen!
But my favorite one was the letter A:

Well, I'm off to spend the rest of the day with my amazing kids.

Happy Mother's Day!



Thursday, May 8, 2008

More Recipe Swaps

Once again, sorry for blurry pics. you can see them a little better if you click to enlarge them. There were a couple more that I couldn't post because teh pictures were way too blurry. These are at least good enough foer you to see what an awseome job everyone did. They're realy cute, aren't they?

This one was served at the event and it was yum-my!

Monday, May 5, 2008

SCS Gathering- Recipe Swap

I just have time to post a few of the fabulous 6x6 recipe pages that were swapped at the gathering last week-end. I'll post some tonight, and more tomorrow. You can see a close-up of the recipes if you click the pictures (again, not the greatest, but hey- at least I got 'em):

Make sure you stop back tomorrow - I have more recipe pages to post, plus swap cards, ATC's, and 3D swap pictures.

Thanks for dropping by!


Chat & Challenge 115

Another SUDSOL C&C card. I used the SU! Tart & Tangy set + Summer Picnic DSP because it was handy- I still out had the left-overs from my shoebox swap card (pyramid card with the cherries on the post below this one.)

Anyway, here's the card I came up with:

I'm not completely satisfied with it. Seems I say that alot, but only when it's true. I do actually make cards that I love, on occassion, lol.

This is a just a quick mid-day post. I will make time later to post some of the recipes from the SCS gathering recipe swap. I didn't participate in that swap, but I was glad to have at least gotten pictures, the swaps (and the recipes) are fabulous.

Next gathering, I will surely make time to participate.

Thanks for looking!


Sunday, May 4, 2008

More SCS gathering pictures

Please forgive the quality of the pictures- I was in a hurry to just get them taken, so I didn't miss anything. I had planned to go back and take better ones, but they kept us pretty busy all day, and I never got the chance. I also want to say here that Tracy (scs-Lodichick) and Holly (scs-Toy) did a fantabulous job organizing and running this event. It was a blast, and I hope we get to do it again next year.
You can click on any of the pictures for a closer look.
The first picture is another gift from the gift swap, made by Cheryl Rowley:

Open view of the tin:

This was my shoebox project. I got the pattern from StampOwl - you can view the pattern on her blog here. This card folds flat and fits in a standard A2 card envelope. Cool, huh?
I used the Summer picninc DSP and stamp set Tart and Tangy from SU!'s current mini catalog.

This is my mom Helen's shoebox project. We (finally!) found the little pens at the dollar spot at Target. they were 16 to a pkg for $2.50. I say finally, because I have been on the look-out for these for months. I had the post-it's already, and had been wanting to do these for a club project.
This picture is actually right-side up, even thought the note-pad is upside down on the table. If I turn it, it looks weird, so I left it upside down.
The flower is from SU!'s level3 hostess set Time Well Spent. The image is stamped in staz-on and colored with watercolor pencils.

This is my friend Deb's shoebox project. She used DSP, ink, and ribbon to alter a key-chain tag, and then everyone stamped it with their own initial.

I don't know who made this one- it's another shoebox project- I just loved it and had to get a picture so I could CASE it. I was bummed that this wasn't one of the projects at my table, but I did love all the ones that were, so I was very happy anyway.
This project uses the SU! set Pick-a-Petal. The ribbon is SU!'s soft sky double-stitched, and it looks like there was cuttle-bugging done on the red paper. Love it!

Here's a picture of some of the shoe-box projects on the display board.

More projects. We did the bird card at my table:

More. None of these were at my table, though:

This photo shoes some of the projects that I did get to make. the projects we did at my table were (right-left)- the jumbo paperclip bookmark, the little altered jar/bottle, the notepad & pen, and the altered clipboard. Very cool projects, ladies!

Just another shot of some of the 3-d shoebox projects.

That's it for now, but as promised, I have tons more to show you, so stay tuned!

Saturday, May 3, 2008

SCS Gathering- Gift Swap

Finally! I have some time to post pictures from last Saturday's SCS WNY Gathering. I'll be posting some each day. This is the Card Organizer that I made for the Gift Swap. I used retired SU! DSP, with Coordinating SU! cardstock. I cut the letters for the word "cards" on the front using Quickuts Journal alphabet set that I borrowed.
I got the pattern and the idea from Patty Bennet's blog, here.
This is the front cover:

Some of the inside pages:

Open view:

I did want to mention that I used 1-1/4" coil to bind this with. Patty used 1", but said a little larger would be fine. I couldn't find my 1", so I went with the next size up. I think it was actually a good idea, because once this is filled with cards, you need that extra space so the orgnizer will still lay flat.
Well- I keep getting interupted . I'll be back to add more pics later tonight.


Laura :)