Saturday, April 5, 2008

Sorry again that I haven't posted. I have not been able to play with my SU! stuff yet- my poor baby boy has been very ill. I took him to the Doc today- $99 down the drain for nothing, and poor Lucas was screaming from stomach pain again tonight. It is so stressful hearing your child in pain and not being able to help much. Hopefully he will get better soon- it's been a week already.

Well- just so I am actually putting something up here, I'll intoduce you to my brother Jasen. I don't have a really great pic of him handy, but this is him at my Dad's on Christmas:

he was probably pretty well lit by the time this was taken, but still a fairly decent, normal looking guy, right?

Well- look what the idiot went and did to his head!! This is Jay with his girlfriend Shannon on Easter-lol:

What is really sad, is that somewhere I have a picture of my dad with a mohawk at about the same age- must be a male mid-life crisis thing or something.

Yeah- that's right Jasen-38 is too old to be sporting a mohawk!!

LOL- mostly I am posting this because when I took that picture on Easter I told him I was gonna put it up on my blog for all the world to see :D

While I am at it, I should probably send out a Happy Birthday to my brother Chris who turned 27 today. (OMG that can't be right- my baby brother Chrissy is 27 already??). Anyway- I should, but I won't because he said my blog was boring and he doesn't read it anyway. Oh well- I guess stamping just isn't his thing ;)

Look for a card tomorrow- I PROMISE! I have a great one all ready to post (non-SU though-sorry SU! fans). I can't post it tomorrow because I don't want the person it is for to see it before she gets it.

thanks for stopping!



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