Thursday, April 17, 2008

Color Challenge cards

I was checking some of the links on Kristina's color challenge, and thought I'd post a few here for you to look at. Kristina hasn't done the round-up yet, but here are (just some!) some of my fav's.


I didn't check out every single link- kind of hopped around, so don't feel bad if I didn't post yours. There were too many fantastic ones- no idea how Kristina is just going to pick 10. These are ones that just happened to pop out at me or were different- and like I said, I didn't even look at all of them. (Oh- and I skipped the first 10 posted, since those will definately be in Kristina's round-up).

Hope I'm not stepping on Kristina's toes- I just know that some of my friends won't go check out all the links on the color challenge, and I wanted to show them how different everyone's take on it can be.

I really am trying to encourage some of my stampers to break out of their comfort zone a bit and try some new things ;)

Edited to Add: Kristina finished the Roundup, guess who made it in the top 10? She also posted the cool card she made with the challenge colors-here's the link.

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