Thursday, March 27, 2008

Some pictures from Easter

Posting pictures for my family from Easter. They are not the greatest- these were taken long after church, so everyone is all mussed up already. I usually put the boys in matching or at least coordinating outfits for holidays. I had some very nice matching shirts for them, short sleeve madras in green and blue. When I got them last fall, I didn't realize Easter was so early this year. It was way too cold for those shirts, and I didn't think about it until too late, so their nice new sweaters weren't clean either. Oh well! These were all taken at my Mom's house.

Dave and Loren are in the background, coming back from flying a kite down the street. Lucas is refusing to give me a nice smile for a picture:

Lucas is still being silly about smiling, and Loren just would not stop acting goofy:

Terrible picture of me with my silly, goofy, messy kids :D

My crazy mom interupting an otherwise really nice picture of my brother Christopher and his wife Nicole.

Chris and Nicole are Aunt and Uncle to baby Nicolas. I have a really adorable picture of Nicolas to post soon. He is doing better after the trach operation, and hopefully will be going home soon, although he will still have a feeding tube-poor little guy!

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