Sunday, February 24, 2008

Beautiful Basket

When I saw Laura Canale's woven basket, I just had to try it. Luckily, I made this last week before I got sick, otherwise, who knows when I would have gotten around to it!

Isn't it awesome? The whole thing is made out of (exactly) 1 sheet of 12 x 12 cardstock- it's ingenious!
Laura's wonderful tutorial can be found here, but I have just a couple of notes about the making of my basket.

1. I did add cardstock handles instead of ribbon. Since Laura's tutorial uses a full sheet of 12 x 12, if you want cardstock handles, you will need to cut into another sheet of paper.
If you use a contrasting color for the thin strips and maybe the handles, then you can mix/match your cardstock, and maybe use up some scraps.

2. I found that cutting the decorative strips that wrap around the top of the basket to 8" was a bit of a stretch- they just barely made it (at least for me.) So next time, I will cut those to 8.25" or 8.5". Since you tuck the ends behind the nice end of the stips anyway, a little extra doesn't hurt.

3. Since I did use cardstock handles, I put the brads right through the handles, to hold them on securely.

4. If you are tempted to use anything other than sticky strip (red line tape) to adhere the top strips of the basket, don't. I learned the hard way. I thought a nice strong paper glue might actually hold better, while allowing me wiggle room to adjust the strip as I put it on. It didn't really work as well as the sticky strip and in the long run that's what I wound up using anyway.

For my basket I used Stampin' Up!'s Creamy Caramel 12 x 12 textured cardstock, and some 7 gypsies brads. I used Close to Cocoa to sponge the edges of the paper strips. I found this to be the most tedious part of the whole project, but it's worth it in the end.
It was a lot of fun doing this project, and I can't wait until I feel better so I can do another.

I'd love to see what you do with this project if you decide to try it!



Laura said...

Laura, this looks so completely wonderful, you did a fantastic job. I really liked reading what you wrote about adding the paper handles and other dos and don'ts. Inking was also the most tedious part for me! Thank you so much for sharing your basket with me! I hope you are feeling better now, have a great week!


Patty Bennett said...

OH MY GOSH.. this is one of the most gorgeous crafting projects I've ever seen!!!! FABULOUS job!! Hope you are feeling better soon! Thanks for sharing with us! Patty

kdj said...

WOW! Your basket is amazing!

sandy ferington said...

Laura, you have to do this as a class. I want to make them for a baby shower and do the stamping on the candy nuggets to put inside. If you can't have Longaberger baskets this is the next best thing.

Erika Martin - Stampin' Mama said...

This is beautiful!!! It looks so real! You did an amazing job with this!

Donna said...

I had to look at this twice before I could believe it was cardstock and not cane! This is fabulous, and not slight to the original one, yours looks so, so much more realistic. Great job! I think I want to try it. My mom was basketmaker so I'd love to put my spin on her hobby. Thanks so much!

Dawn said...

Just found yours on SCS after posting mine. Yours looks so much better! Nice job.