Friday, January 18, 2008

Need to Vent

Sorry. I know it has been over two weeks since I posted anything, and now I'm just complaining at you. But...

How do you copy someone's work almost exactly, post it somewhere as your own, and not give the person who you copied from credit? This has just happened to me *again*, and it is really frustrating. I did a class locally using non-SU! products at our area stamp store. Another local demo posted an almost exact copy of one of the card designs to the private demo list I belong to. The card design was too unique to be a coincidence, it was simply re-made using Stampin Up! products.

While I am flattered that she liked the design enough to CASE** it, it does make me feel bad that she posted this idea as if it were own. I guess it is possible that the person didn't know who made the original card, and just saw it up at the store, except that I'm pretty sure this person knows we're on the same list, and that I teach up at the store. Or, even if she doesn't have a clue that it was my card, my thing is, she could have at least acknowledged that she saw the design somewhere else. I guess then I would feel like I could comment and say- hey, yeah, that was me, glad you liked my card (or something like that). But I would feel funny posting a comment like that, after she posted the idea as her own. Then it would sound sarcastic, y'know (great card- glad you liked my design?)

fyi **(CASE = Copy And Share Everything, or Copy and Steal Everything, or?? there are some other versions of what this means. Usually it means you copy someone's card or project design, or maybe change it up just a little, but it's still the same design you got from someone else. Then, if you post your card somewhere, or it is published it is customary to give the CASEE credit as your inspiration for your CASE'D card. At least, that's my understanding of the term)

Some people will probably think I am making too much of it, and I probably am, but I do feel bad about it. I work really hard designing my samples. And yes, sometimes (okay, often!- all the time, in fact) I also take inspiration from others, or CASE other people's work, but I also really try to give credit where credit is due, because I think it's important.

Anyway, I just needed to get that off my chest.

Thanks for listening!



Anonymous said...

Hear, hear! That was a low blow to you and your creativity. Sorry
(s)he didn't give you the credit you deservedly earned.

MJ said...

Laura, I have had this happen many many time. Sometimes there is not even a color change. It almost had me stop sharing all together, then I (like you) realize that there are lots of times that I case (usually with changes) other cards and such. I figure that is why we share, to inspire others. I have to admit that you made me a bit nervous since I am local with you and on a few of the same boards, but I have only once posted something that was inspired by the store and I did post that I got the idea from my LSS but had no idea who created it?? The layout just stuck in my head. Anyway maybe you can let them know in a private e-mail and it would clear it up. I am sure they would credit you if you do. Hope you have a great day.