Friday, October 12, 2007

Blog Candy Winner!

So- I'm a day late- sorry! My Aunt took me to the Casino in Niagara Falls for lunch yesterday as a birthday gift, and when I got home, I had to leave right away to teach a class. By the time I got back from class I was wiped. I had another this afternoon, and then had to prep for a class tomorrow, too! So I've been pretty busy. But on to the fun stuff!

The winner is:

janet allen

who said...
Hope you had a fun birthday. I have so many friends & family having October birthdays, and what a pretty time of year to celebrate!

Janet-send me an e-mail with your snail mail address, and I will send out your winnings, which include the stuff in the picture below, plus a couple of more goodies not pictured (I forgot to put the bling flowers, card sample, and a couple of other thing in the picture, but they're included in the package):

You can get a little better view by clicking the picture. Thanks to Debbie's post, I changed the size of the photo. However, the resolution is pretty bad now- so I guess I'll try changing the resolution in the camera. Trouble is, it's my FIL's camera- 'cuz ours broke. I never had a problem posting the pics with my camera, but now that I'm using my FIL's, I have a new appreciation for the one we had. Funny thing is, his was probably twice what ours cost (or triple), and ours was so much better! Buying a camera these days is like buying a car- you really need to know your stuff!

I'll be doing another blog candy give-away when I pass 5000 hits, which should be soon! I have lots of fun stuff to post this week, too. I'll get right on it after class tomorrow. Have a great week-end!

Love, Laura :)

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janet allen said...

Thank you so much! I'm so excited to win all this fun stuff and appreciate that you gave away the gift in honor of YOUR birthday. I'm not able to find your email address. Could you please email me and I will send you my mailing information. THANKS again.