Monday, September 3, 2007

Dragon Omelets, Egg-corns, and The Princess of Marilla!

This is another post for the "kidisms" category. My kids must have eggs on the brain, or something. Recently, my son Lucas kept telling me he needed to get a "Dragon Omelet" in order to advance in his Dragon Fable game. Finally I asked him, "What is this dragon omelet you keep talking about?" so he showed me on the game, and I couldn't stop laughing. Lucas asked what was so funny, so I had to tell him-"Honey, that's not a dragon omelet- it's a dragon AMUlet!"

Then, my other son Loren was telling me all about the nature walk he went on with his dad at the cottage last week. He was so excited as he told me all about the "egg-corns" thay had found. "See mommy? look- eggcorns- you can do a project with them!" haha! I told him gently that they are called acorns, not egg-corns-lol!

Also while at the cottage, we had an impromptu visit with my cousin Nicole and her younger two daughters, Sophia and Olivia. We had driven the boat over to their dock just to say hello, when a thunderstorm broke out over the lake. We went up on their porch to wait it out, and it was pouring buckets. All of the kids had been in their bathing suits, but 4-yr old Sophia disappeared inside, only to return wearing a floor length princess dress complete with crown and declare "I'm the Pwincess of Mawilla!" (Sophia lives in Marilla).

Maybe you had to be there, but can you just picture this tiny little barefoot princess with messy blond hair all dressed up in the middle of a thunderstorm? It was too precious- I totally cracked up!

Olivia had me in stiches the whole time too- especially when she told very seriously, with her eyes huge, that "Daddy and Papa are busy working on the shower in the bathroom, and you'd better not get in their way, or they'll get really mad!" Pretty sure that was the voice of experience-lol!

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