Thursday, August 23, 2007

Card Candy

I won't be around for a few days, but here are a couple of quick pics for you. The first one is a sheet of Card Candy that we made at my Open House this past Sunday. We made the pieces (focus was on punches!) and everyone got a little cello bag to take the pieces and ribbons home in. Sorry my scan is so light, but you get the idea.

This picture is of another make and take from Open House. Paper is river rock & bravo burgundy cs and so saffron DSP. Ink is purely pomegranate, punches= 1-1/4" circle, 1/4" circle, three for you punch box flowers punch, and small tag punch. Phrase is from the punch box. Folded tag petals idea came from *some one's* blog. I thought Cambria's or Paula's, but can't find the original post. I'll definitely credit whomever when I find it.

Lastly, here is a sample page I made up of creative uses for the round tab punch. All ideas are CASE'D from memory_lane on scs and/or other demo's.

More pics from the fun stuff we did at Open House in a few days!

Laura :)

Saturday, August 18, 2007

What's wrong with this picture?

Quick Fix!

Bonus-little photo corners :)

-And yes, I punched my whole stack of 1-1/4" square pieces with the circle punch before I realized it. Murphy's Law, y'know. (Damn that Murphy!!)

Laurie Ann's More-Time-To-Stamp Lasagne

I've been wanting to try this recipe ever since Laurie Ann posted it. I made it for mom a couple of days ago. It came out pretty good. A couple of things that would have made it better-
1.Prepare ahead a little, to give the noodles just a bit more time to re-hydrate.
2.Mom said I should have added an egg to the ricotta, so that it keeps it's shape and doesn't get soupy, like it sort of did.

However, if you didn't have an egg, it still tastes great the way it is.

It definately is a very quick and easy dinner that gives you more time to stamp, and it was a perfect post-surgery meal- Thanks for posting it, Laurie Ann!

Open House

Well, I've been away again- this time because my mom has been recovering (nicely) from her surgery, and I've been spending almost all of my time at her house helping her. She doesn't have internet access at all, (bummer!) so I really haven't been able to update.

My Open House is tomorrow, and after it is over, I will post pics of what we made. Since I have been so busy, I garnered some help from another demo so that I would have samples to show using new products and new sets. She did a FABulous job!!

One of the things I will have to show are Patty's new ribbon charts. She did an awesome job on them, and the ribbons are so beautiful IRL. Check them out here.

I've also added a link to Patty's Blog under My Favorite Blogs.

Here is a little sample of Patty's work that will on display at my open house:

There will be lots more on display, along with some fun stuff I made, so I hope to see you there. Everyone on my list should have received details by e-mail, but if you need info., e-mail or call me before noon tomorrow!

Happy Stamping :D


Thursday, August 9, 2007

Faux Filmstrip Tutorial

This tutorial has been a long time coming. There are alot of pictures, with captions on each one. There are some additional notes at the end. Enjoy!

The next two photos show 2 different ways to cut your white paper that goes behind the filmstrip. If you are stamping all images that fit inside the filmstrip squares, you can cut one strip of white cardstock to fit, adhere behind the filmstrip, and then stamp your images through the windows. The second way is shown step by step.

The next three photos show how you can use your punched filmstrip piece to search your catalog for stamp images that will fit nicely in the filmstrip squares.

Notes: The size I cut for this tutorial will be too long for a standard size card. You would need to shorten your filmstrip piece to fit a card. You could also lengthen it for a 12 x 12 page. The width measurements would remain the same. For me, it is easier to cut a little longer than I need and then trim to size on the trimmer. It's just easier than trying to figure out exact measurements each time I need a different length. You will also need to trim the short ends when you are done punching the strip to make sure the ends are even.

There is a quick and easy version of Faux Filmstrip in the post below this one. I personally prefer the longer version, because I think it looks more authentic to have the pictures behind the black filmstrip piece, and it works out with everything lined up evenly. With the quick version, you have to line up your punched squares anyway when you glue them on. I am the type that would get out a straight edge to line everything up, so it's just easier for me to do a little extra cutting and punching in the first place. Try both ways, and see what you like.

Happy Punching!

BTW-I will try to get a full card sample with filmstrip up soon. Won't be in the next 2-3 days. Mom is having surgery tomorrow- say some prayers!!
Also-if you have questions about the tutorial, give me a day or two to respond.

Thanks for looking!

Faux Filmstrip Tutorial (Easy Version)

The sizes listed in the pictures create a small piece of filmstrip that will easily fit on a card.

I hope you like these tutorials- it's my first attempt. Let me know what you think!

Laura :)

Friday, August 3, 2007

My Garage Sale Finds

Okay, if your not into altered arts, or you're not a garage sale junkie like I am, this may not excite you very much- but I was sooo psyched when I found this stuff. I paid $1.00 for each of these boxes ($2.00 total)

The first box consisted of small sign letters, about 3/4 inches tall. Bunches of them!

The second box contained 2 jars of large eyelets, in gold silver and black/brown, a bag and a half of large grommets!!, plus a grommet setter. It also came with an anywhere-hole punch large enough to make holes for the grommets- about 3/16 diameter, I think. I can't wait to play with this stuff!!

Cuttled Paisley

Hi Everyone!

I know, I know, it's been a while again. Lots of crazy stuff going on. Most recently, I've been helping my cousin who is very sick. Spent 9 hours with him in the ER one day- let me tell ya- that was no picnic! And, we just got both cars working again, when the front brakes decided to go on my husband's truck. We just fixed the back brakes last month!! Anyway, here is something I worked on a little last month. It was supposed to be for my current cuttlebug class at BSS, but it was too time intensive. This is just a background. I've since decided to cut it up. I'll post a pic. when I finish the card.

I have a few more things I'll be posting today and tomorrow. I *finally* get a great computer to work with, and my digital camera broke :(

So for now, I can only post pics of things I can scan, or pictures that I take in an almost dark room-lol.