Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Karma Truck

I tend to be one of those women who wants to be a nurturer, and can be giving to a fault. I know many other women like this. It seems to be a trait a lot of women have that has been handed down for generations, from a time when women were expected to always put her husband, kids, and everyone else first and herself last.

Today, on one of my e-mail groups, someone posted an opinion that really hit home. What it was in reference to doesn't even matter. It was the sentiment that I really appreciated. This person was talking about helping others, and how fulfilling that can be, but how she "couldn't feel that way" if she were to "help others" take advantage of her. How true!

But here's the part that really got me. She then wrote:
"I am responsible for me and for my actions, no one else's. And I am only going to get run over by the Karma truck if I throw myself out into the road to protect another person from their own consequences."

Something definitely worth thinking about.


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